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Oh parachute pants! that blessed swooshing sound! that must have been such a trip to fit in your hubby's clothes :) i might try my hubs but they don't look very clean...


"I did the best I could during a really stressful week." I can live with that.

That last sentance...isn't that really when you know you've arrived? To be able to look at a crappy week filled with stress and realize that although it wasn't a picture perfect week, you really did the best you could. Think back a year ago...would you have handled a bad week with such grace? Probably not if you were like me (looking for any excuse to "comfort" with food & be lazy). You did your best and you should still be proud of that!


That is awesome. Must have made you feel really good inside... wow. Just keep up with the good work girl. Instead of saying "I can't" say "I can!" I once was told, and it has been proven, that if you stay possitive, you will succeed but if you stay negative, you will fail.

I know, without a doubt, that you can do it. Anyone can and girl, when you reach your goal weight, go out and buy yourself something because losing weight is hard work!!

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