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Fat Girl

A very good post. I consider myself a fat girl and I will always be fat no matter my size (right now its quite large by the way), so i understand what you mean when you say you will always have to do this.

Thanks for the links you provided here. I will check them out!


Hooray for hubby! Hey, I've kept 60 pounds off for over a year, maybe I could do that too.

(But I won't - "fat registration" worries me!)

I'm with you on the weights. That's one form of activity that has never failed me. I've ALWAYS made progress, I've always had good results. Weight lifting rocks!


*claps* That's so fantastic @ your hubby! wooooot for him! people like him [and you] are such big inspirations to me.

I totally agree with you and Krista, she completely makes me fall in love with my weights about as much as you make me want to ride a bike [and believe me, for me that's a BIG thing heh].

I hope the new workout kickstarts things for you, I'm going t mosey over there because I need to shake things up again.

Good luck! I think the trick [or maybe the hope of] isn't knowing you have to keep up this kinda lifestyle for the of your life but that [hopefully] in time you'll want to.


Woot! Yeah for hubby!

Patrick McCandless

I totally sypmathize with you see your kind all the time. A good plan to keep in mind when motivation is low is the half-hour home workout. It takes little to no equipment. First, I want you scout out the different pieces of furniture and other natural features in your house that can look like they could double as a piece of workout equipment. These things being dining-room chairs, stairs, stools, or even just a nice open space to perform exercises comfortably. Next, find all of the things that can be used for weighted hand-held pieces of equipment like water bottles, candles, etc. I know this might sound weird, but hear me out. Now, you just need to use your imagination and put those features that you wrote down together. For example, you can do a lunge with an overhead press (with the bottles in your hands), squats/arm curl combos, shadow boxing with the bottles in hand, dips on a chair, and the list goes on. Just be flexible, do whatever comes to mind, and move from one exercise to the next with minimal amount of rest. You will get your heart rate up in no time and won't be given a chance to get bored. If you can't think of another exercise right away do something like run in place or jumping jacks while you think of another one. Quick workouts like this still release those feel-good hormones like serotonin, making it a great way to relieve stress, keep you level, and burn some extra calories all for a half-hour of your time.
Patrick McCandless, CFT, EMT-P www.MACFitnessOnline.com

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