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Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary. Thank you for a year of good writing and lovely pictures.

lme (little miss ess)


And I've noticed, by the way, that when the scale does that, that that lower number will show up for sure in a few days. So woohoo!


Hey, happy anniversary! So much accomplished this year. I know you'll get that 16x number soon. My rule is I'm allowed to claim the lowest weight of the day. I originally thought that would be first thing in the morning, but frequently it's a couple hours later. Who knows...

The deer pictures? So! Cute!


Congratulations on your 1 year!
I've really enjoyed reading and I'm excited to see what year 2 will bring!


Happy anniversary! And thanks for the critter pictures. There's nothing like a shot of cuteness in the morning.

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