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Wow, look at that collar bone!!!! Your hair is gorgeous


Dude, are those pictures of you? First you mentioned Nicole Kidman, so I thought they were pics of some actress. IS THAT YOU??? Why didn't you tell us how gorgeous you are? Did you think we would be jealous and secretly hate you and stop reading your blog and bitch about you to every one else? (I for one would never of course even dream of that...). So, WOW.

I've also had change in my hair over the years. It used to grow slowly, now it grows fast; it used to be absolutely knife-edge straight, now it's wavy if I don't comb it out. No idea what causes the changes, though.


You look mah-velous, dahling. Absolutely stunning. The hair is fabulous. And you should always wear V-neck tops. If you've got it, flaunt it!


now that is FOXY :)


I've always had curly hair and have sometimes wished for straight hair because you never know what the curls are going to want to do today. I never realized how curly it was until last February when I stopped using my hair dryer after I read a book about curly hair called "Curly Girl." I was like "Woah! Where'd all these curls come from?" I sometimes get "triangle head" too, especially on humid days.


You look amazing! Just look at yourself, will ya? Damn, girl.

My hair is very similar to yours, except slightly more curly. It falls in thick waves. I used to wear it all one length, and it sort of looked Janis Joplin-y, but this past spring I felt like it was starting to make me look old and that it didn't look professional enough for work. I went to someone here in NYC who has cut lots of naturally curly and ethnic hair (like Gilda Radner's), and really knew what she was doing. Putting some layers in actually encourages curls and helps with the frizzing problem.

Also, I cannot recommend highly enough DevaCurl's No Poo. It's specially formulated to moisturize naturally curly/wavy hair without weighing it down. Add a little dab of Sebastian Potion No. 9 after, and the curls/waves will stay even in super humid weather.


Wow your look amazing Hun!!! just wowowow.

LOL I totally agree with Marla haha.

Btw I have no idea why your hair decided to do that, but it looks beautiful. I have naturally curly hair and I've always been envious of straight hair'ed gals. heh funny that isnt it?

you look sooo tiny too!!! I like what you said about new month clean slate.. i'm totally stealing that ;D


You look like Neko Case!

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