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I'm right there with you, Nicole, as far as staying on track and looking longingly at that far-away goal. (Our goal weights are the same.) I'm not gaining, but also am not losing, and since I hurt my heel I feel like I'm losing lots of fitness ground, as well.

You've made great strides so far, and I'm sure you're dodging compliments right and left. For me, it's harder to stay on track when the feedback I'm getting is positive. NO acknowledgment of the progress I've made would spur me on to do better. Having people tell me how great I look tends to have me resting on my laurels.

Sorry to hijack your comments like this ... what you said really resonated with me and my current progress, or lack thereof.


Oops ... HIGHjack, not hijack! I really do know how to spell.


Yeah, what is going on with us? I am so completely unmotivated recently. I'm not doing anything BAD, just not doing anything good. Well, I think in my particular case, the lack of progress has finally outweighed my last hope - the balance has shifted. I'm working on finding a way to reset my attitude.

p.s. Debbi, I think HIjack is the preferred spelling, actually! That doesn't seem rite, does it?


Congrats on fitting into the non-plus size 16s! I know the feeling! Enjoyed reading your Blog. I'm on the journey too! http://deeshadowblog.blogspot.com/ D


My figure is the same way. These days I can wear a lot of "Medium" or "Large" sized tops, but I'm still in size 18 jeans.

I think a lot of people are feeling down with the winter coming on. It's the blah-gosphere, I tell you!


Your blog is so great. Hang in there...sometimes just motivating yourself to workout for a few minutes can start you feeling better to do a longer workout. Also, have you considered trying taking a group class--like aerobics, water aerobics, dance? I avoided these for a long time but they can actually be great fun and extremely motivating! Try it - you might enjoy it. Or consider treating yourself to a session with a personal trainer to jump-start your workout. Sounds like you deserve it (can be less than $100!)


Well, I think there are 2 possible explanations for your difficulty in staying motivated right now.

1. It could be the weather. I can say that personally I've felt a bit blah since the days have shortened. I thnk the lack of light sets off a hibernation intinct - in me anyway!

2. It could be that you need a little coffee break - like when we take long car journeys and every now and again need to get out the car and stretch our legs. I think maybe when you've been doing this for so long, maybe your body just wants to maintain for a while and reflect on how far you've come before launching into the final strait.

Just a couple of thoughts. But anyway, don't feel too bad about it. We all know you're not going to go backwards.


I feel very much the same way, I think I've commented everywhere (maybe even here earlier) on this. That points toward "maybe its the weather" -- I too need a serious kick in the pants. So I have no advice, but at least a "you're not alone in this" comment!


Congratulations on getting into those jeans. I've been working on dragging myself back on track for the past month, and, in spite of the fact that I've made progress, it's still a struggle. Kinda weird. But... I have faith in all of us. You can't win if you don't play!


Congrats on the size 16 jeans! And that you fit in the seats...yes those kinds of things do mean so much.

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