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Your progress photos are inspiring, Nicole. Can't wait for the goal shot – and I'm not talking about hockey! Heh. But I like that you start out saying you're a 'work in progress.' That's a wonderful attitude to have. We'll never be done, but always improving. I hope.


Zoo walking always wears me down and I'm highly impressed with your stamina; I'm still bitching about how it all seems to be up hill when we go. I start making deals with my husband, "Surely we don't need to see the dooki and gnu??? They look the same as last time." Your progress photos are wonderful, that anniversary dress is killer, and your blog inspires me constantly.


Love your blog! So inspiring! I'm using a pedometer too, and know how you feel when you spent a whole day walking, look down, and realize you can't even say "I walked 15,000 steps" or "I walked 20,000 steps!"

Of course, I kind of feel like i have a big pink lamp on my belly, but its worth it for the "go me" feeling.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I'll be cheering for you!


This is a cool post: I love to hear about how someone's life has changed for the better by becoming fitter, and this is such a tangible example. The last time I went on a significant vacation (duration and exoticness) was in 2003 (!) and I had just started losing weight then. I'd love to go back and see how the experience might be different now. A big part of vacations to us is sightseeing on foot, it's such a different experience than in a car or train or whatnot. I've always had to ration out my few hours of walking each day; now I am nearly unlimited. So much more to see!

Sorry for the giant comment, I guess I could have posted in on my own blog. D'oh.

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