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the doctor is HOTTTT :) definitely enough to keep one on the treadmill for awhile. speaking of hott, i lurrrrve that B&W photo up there, you look lovely!


Hmmmm...haven't seen the show BUT, Nicole, all I can say is don't let this time discourage you too much! Look at the big picture. You have accomplished a ton and you should pat yourself on your back!!! ((( hugs ))) I lost weight in 1997 and got depressed because I didn't make it to my goal - it seemed impossible. I kept focussing on what I didn't accomplish and seemingly forgot what I did accomplish and I let the weight slip back on. Not quickly - just little by little. Don't let that happen to you okay?? Please. KOKO (keep on keeping on). Even if you maintain - that's a success. I know that where you are now isn't where you want to be, but it's waaaaaaaaaaaay better than where you've been, right?? So KOKO. Repeat this mantra many, many times!!! D


I have been lurking in your archives all week reading - started at the beginning and read through to current.

I read DietGirl and PastaQueen a couple weeks ago and found your links in there somewhere.

I really enjoyed your blog and love your writing style.

I started at 215 lbs and am currently at 152lbs with 140 being goal.

A lot of the weights were you "stuck" - I stuck too - there are places where it just takes a while to have the "want to move forward/down" surpass the "want to stay the same".

I just realized that I had to drop my calorie intake down a little (again) because I am a smaller person now or my body has adjusted, I guess.

I am only watching TV when on the treadmill now - so I laughed when I got to your posting where you were bribing yourself with TV too. It works - it really works and then becomes habit.

I too spent the whole summer SWIMMING - after years of mostly watching my kids at the pool. I took a water aerobics class that I loved (3 times a week) and then stayed and swam laps.

I am an avid Yoga person - two or more classes a week.

I envy your bike riding - I have inner ear problems so it is impossible for me to do that (or skate).

Best wishes to you -

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