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I go through the same kind of thing. I find a workout that I absolutely adore and a few months later I can't staaaaaaand it another minute. I think that's normal - we just need variety. I do the same thing with DVDs, I used to rent miniseries and only watch while I was exercising - remember when I got through Regency House Party that way?

At the same time, I don't like to do something completely different each day - it feels too random and unfocused, and I don't think I get a really good workout until I've done it a few times. I don't like that "first time" workout, and that's how I feel if I only do X workout now and then.

I'd better come up with something, though - I'm doing Cto5K 3x a week, and that's not enough exercise, plus the weather may shut me down at any time!


I just saw your latest picture and I feel compelled to say that you and your husband make a very striking couple! Beautiful :)


Nicole, I feature before & after's on my Blog each Friday and I was wondering if you'd consider letting me feature your story? Just a bit and a before and after pic and then a link to your blog? Email entirelyforhim at yahoo dot ca . D


I have both series of Black Books in my Netflix queue. Can't wait to see them.

I seem to live in the world of being fine once I get to the gym, but oh, the drama leading up to actually arriving there... You gotta just keep pushing through it because the alternative is *way* less acceptable.


Exercising only when you feel like it is easy. Making yourself exercise when you don't want to is the hard part. I hit those same patches too and you've just got to slog through them.


I go through this too, as the others have written. I do think it helps when I'm feeling this way to just try something new. A new class, or a new DVD/tape. Or just going for a walk outside. These days, I'm finding that if I try not to think of it as "exercise" but as just another thing that I need to do during the day, like brush my teeth or go to that meeting at work, it makes it easier. Once I start thinking, oh I've got to EXERCISE, I start playing headgames with myself.

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