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i like the eliptical when i'm tired of the treadmill - sometimes i use the one w/arms and sometimes not... i can also see more calories burned using one, that's for sure... have you seen that nordic track thing where each foot has its own treadmill? wonder how THAT works and what type of workout you get...


I love the elliptical - I hated it at first, but now I like it so much more than the other machines. Because I have knee problems, I can work so much harder on the elliptical than I can on the treadmill - really get my heart rate pumping. And the bike just doesn't burn calories fast enough for my liking.

My favorite elliptical is the one that changes the ramp angle/elevation as well as resistance. Then I set it for a hill program, and it works a bunch of different muscle groups and I don't get bored/worn out. But I never do the arms! I hate the arms! I'm like an Irish step dancer.

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