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My cat likes to lay on the treadmill right after I'm done walking. I could never figure out why until my brother told me, "It's because it's warm right after you workout." Thankfully my cat can't fit in my printer's paper tray because it's kind of small and he's kind of big.

Grumpy Chair

I prefer the treadmill for jogging also. The three weeks I spent training outside for C25K, my knees were very sore later on those days. Never had that problem with treadmill.


i think cats just KNOW when you're preoccupied w/something else because that's when they can have fun... max likes to sit on my desk at home, right in front of me while i'm typing - so annoying... and he won't move unless i pick him up!

=re: the C25K - i had started the program and then 2 weeks later, started a running club... i was making better progress w/them over the C25K but i stuck w/it anyway... it does get easier and like you said - changing things up really helps... do intervals (fast/slow), hills, or a steady run 3x a week and you'll be golden! :o)


What a beautiful cat! He looks like one who's watering my bushes right now. Uh, you're not missing a cat, are you?


Hmm... you may need to shut him in the bathroom or something while you run. My cats often feel the need to be right nearby when I'm lifting weights, making me afraid that I'll drop the dumbbells on them, and it breaks my concentration and is totally annoying. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be if I was trying to keep up a sustained burst of running while keeping an eye on them.


So far I've never gotten past Week 6 - that just seems to be where I top out. Or is that bottom out? Anyway, it's hard for me to accept not finishing something, but once I get over that I can be proud of how much I DID accomplish.

Salma Gundi

I did Couch to 5K with my husband. I had a fear of "finishing" it - that I wouldn't be fast enough or wouldn't know what to do after it was over ... or maybe that without the program, I wouldn't have any goals and thus wouldn't keep the regular running up.

So we found a 5K to do a month after the training ended. And then after that 5K, we found another one. And then I decided to join runagogo.com's challenge of running 100 miles from April 1 to July 4 ... and now I'm think of using the Smart Coach program on the Runner's World website to train up in distance for an 8K.

During Couch to 5K, I was so scared of the result that I had a hard time enjoying the process. But now that I have that benchmark behind me, it is very apparent to me that the process never really ends, and that the goals are arbitrary.

I've discovered that while it's harder on my body to run outside, I love playing frogger with pedestrians :) Apparently for me, running is not a zen state so much as a live video game.

Amazon Alanna

The paper tray on some printers are removeable...is it possible for you to remove the tray on your husband's printer?

Amazon Alanna

The paper tray on some printers are removeable...is it possible for you to remove the tray on your husband's printer?

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