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Ha. I love the description of the walk of shame into the Mexican restaurant. I know it well!

A couple of tips I've picked up on Mexican food (also a favorite of mine):
-The chicken fajitas are your best option. A lean protein and vegetables, and you can control everything that goes into it.
-I always ask for soft corn tortillas up front while everyone else munches on the fried chips. It's not as good as your rule, but it still saves hundreds of calories of saturated fat.

Now, if only I could muster any of this self-control when it comes to Thai food. :(


Ohhhh well bloody done! :) I really like your "no chips til the entrees come" technique! I am going to try that with bread baskets. Damn bread, calling my name.


Congrats on the good behavior!


i LOVE mexican too and can't resist the chips & salsa, esp. when they're still warm... mmm... my b/f and i go to baja fresh a lot - at least there i feel like i'm eating healthier... i use a lot of their fresh salsa too which helps and order a salad w/chicken as much as possible... mexican, italian, etc. are ALL doable, as long as you know some good tricks... :o)


That is AMAZING! Mexican is one of my downfalls as well and I know there is no way, where I am now, that I could do what you did. You rock!


Good work! I've gotten better about avoiding the bread and chips too, but if the waiter takes a really long time with the order I usually end up snacking on them out of hunger.


you know what might satisfy you? my favorite burrito can be found at the corner of 15th & K in front of CVS - in a cart run by a former lawyer who decided to become a burrito cart guy instead. he doesn't use meat - you can get a whole wheat tortilla - and he'll put whatever you want in it. plus, he'll even recommend a hot sauce for you based on your moon and dispenses the occasional legal advice. you can choose what "size" burrito you want [the small is sans rice] and you make your own change. how cute is that? so you can control the size and the contents. awesome. the only trick is that, like the soup nazi, you have to know how to order! just go get in line there one day and listen to how the people in front of you order!

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