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You are SO right, amen, yes indeed! Life isn't all about pain and suffering, on the contrary, why not try to make it fun and worthwhile since we're here anyway? Exercise can be very rewarding, without stupid drill sergeants.

And oh, I've never heard of Bally (other than the shoe brand, but I doubt it's the same company) or seen the ads but I hate them already! Gosh how stupid can those ad people get? :P Apparently they have noticed that belittling and abusing people brings in money. Which is a real shame. Grr!


Three years ago, I lost 80 pounds and swore I would never out it back on. One year ago I had serious hip problems so my activity level plummeted. I have gained 30 pounds and I am freaking out!! I needed motivation BIG TIME,and looked for weight loss related sights on the net. I came across your blog and love it! You are an amazing writer and such an inspiration. While I recuperate from my hip surgery, I will live vicariously through you try to not eat the refrigerator! Keep up the good work!

little miss ess

This was just what I needed to read today, not so much about exercise (since I know it takes time, time, time to get fit and can't be rushed--wonder how many of those intense Bally program people get injured?), but about eating. I have to remind myself that I'm not on a diet, I'm trying to change my relationship to food and eat healthy, nourishing meals to fuel that exercise that I love to do.


love this post, it rings so true on many many levels.

I was like that too, but sadly I tried to make myself do so much it'd only last for TWO whole weeks. I had to learn slow that walking for 10mins a day is better then doing nothing, that time will pass regardless so there is no rush.

I love how you said we deserve nothing less then to do the things we love. That was like a light bulb moment for me and in the moment I realised everything I'm doing I love and actually look foward to it.

such a great mantra@ fortune cookie.


This reminded me of a Jenny Craig commercial that came on the other night when some model type was flaunting "I went down from a size 10 to a size 4!" What the hell is wrong with a size 10? Commercials suck. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. I should make you my personal trainer when it's time for me to shed the pregnancy weight.

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