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This is the first time I'm viewing your blog. I linked on through Marla's site.

You look incredible. Great tidbits of information I will definitely remember.


Congratulations Nicole! You look fantastic, not just in a thinner way, but in every way. You look realy healthy and vibrant now. Can't wait to hear about your 2006 adventures.


Wow, you've woken me up - I'm just sitting here staring at your words (your photos are beautiful too! I still am in awe of them), I hear every little one of them and how much each one means.

How much you have changed, not changed but rediscovered that you are capable of this, of a healthy life but that you enjoy it. That it went from transition to just living.

It's a beautiful thing! Congratulations to your Hub too, it's amazing what you've both done.

Can't wait to read what 2006 has in store for you.


WOW Nicole. I have just spent the last serveral hours reading your posts from the beginning...what a truly inspirational journey you have been on. After reading your posts I feel more motivation and drive to attempt the "impossible". THANK YOU - your story has had a profound impact on me and it might just be the thing that pushes me onto the path to a healthier life.

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