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I have that *exact* same thing with my work ID. I look at it it think "Where's my jaw?" "Where's my neck?" I also get to live with the knowledge that every time I badge into any of the secured offices and labs, that same photo pops up on the screen down at the security desk. They don't charge us for new badges, but, like your company, they reprint replacements with the photo in the computer. I'm trying to use it as an object lesson in self compassion. Someday I want to be able to look at that woman without feeling shame and anger.

little miss ess

My work ID is the same deal. I could probably pitch a fit and have a new photo taken, but then I feel like I'd just be drawing attention to it. In my work ID, I was 10 lbs heavier than I am now (it was my highest weight ever), and I think those ten pounds are all in my face. I have jowls. And to make it worse, I was so unhappy with my life and myself at the time that photo was taken that I had gone to a salon and had my naturally curly shoulder length hair lopped off to chin level. Well, where my chin was supposed to be but was not then visible because of the aforementioned jowls.


Here's to better work ID photos in the future, all!


I had a work ID I hated, unrelated to weight. It just was a horrible photo. I cut out a picture of some glam movie star - don't remember which - and taped it over my photo. It's not like anyone ever looked at the badge; you just needed it to unlock the door.


I'm gonna weigh in on the wedding part!

A few of my bridesmaids were on the heavy side. I don't know if your bride will do this, but maybe you can put a bug in her ear - because mine *loved* this idea. I chose the fabric, the "designer" and the color. That's all. I let my bridesmaids choose the dress they each wanted to wear - all I asked was that they were the same company, fabric and color (so they would match). Each girl (I had 7!) got to choose their own dress - try them on and see 1) how much they wanted/were willing/could afford to spend and 2) what looked good on their figure. Each one looked *great* and they were all happy that they actually got a dress they would wear. I loved that my bridesmaid all loved how they looked - not a one had the dreaded "bridesmaid dress" blues. I even let them pick out their own hairstyle and shoes. My gifts to them were jewelry - and they all wore them on the wedding day.

As for the "batwings" - shrugs are awesome for that, if they actually happen to be there! :)

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