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I worked in the phrase "anal bleaching" into every post for a month trying to become the internet's #1 most-requested anal bleaching site, and I BARELY got a single hit from Google. And that was just Mia Goddess doing it on purpose because she felt sorry for me. But let me post the word "b00b", spelled with zeroes for god's sake, and I get 250 hits.


Holy Doppelgangers, Batman! I hope you're not taking too much abuse from the spammer's victims. And "Big Butt P0rn" you say? I had no idea...

Congratulations on your return to an even keel. That always feels good doesn't it?

little miss ess

Hilarious post. Sorry you're good name is being besmirched by a spammer.

I totally don't get blog spam or any spam, really for that matter.

All it does is annoy the recipient, and I can't imagine that anyone would actually buy anything from a mention in blog or email spam anyway.

I'm convinced that con artists talk unsuspecting small business people in to this and get paid for it, and that's how they make their money. Sure, man, we'll send out all these emails for you and it'll bring you a ton of business. All you have to do is give me a thousand bucks right now.


As is "Ass Parade" anything.



OK the stranger thing weirds me out too, I have no idea how to react when people I barely know are complimenting me I go into this really fake aww thanks mode, and really awkward after heh so I do know you're confusion and pain with that stuff!

As for the anal bleaching and sex toys, hahahahh that's too funny. I was laughing so much. I can't believe you have a doppelganger on blogspot!!!

I am exactly where you are with the exercise VS eating, I can't seem to get them in unison either and it's driving me insane. Not giving up tho, hopefully it'll finally click what I need to do. heh, someday.

Can't wait to see what the new searches bring about HA! hope you have a great weekend Hun.

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Funny post. I enjoyed reading every bit. Keep it up!

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