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little miss ess

Wow. I really had to dig hard to think of something positive that someone has said about my appearance that didn't have creepy sexual overtones or wasn't said by The Mister.

Once, a few years ago, a guy I was dating's young neice, who was about six or seven at the time, shyly came over and stroked my hair, which was quite long then, and is naturally curly, and with wide-eyed wonder lisped, "you have mermaid hair!" It was very, very sweet.


Wow! I love the topic of this post, I too never remember the nice things! It was actually hard for me to remember something and I had to really stop and think about it!
One time at work a co-worker told me that I was like sunshine every time I walked into the room and that they had all actually discussed that whenever I came into the office I brought a feeling of happiness with me. I was absolutely floored by this because I think it is probably one of the nicest things I have ever been told in my life. I still think about how nice that feels to this day.


Back in college I lost my jacket and had to wear one of my mom's old ones that was a bit tattered at the cuffs. I wasn't crazy about it and planned to buy a new one, but then two different people complimented me on it and I decided it was the best jacket ever! :)

Also, at my grandmother's funeral one of my cousin's once removed or something said I had lovely eyes. It made me feel the best I've ever felt at a funeral.

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