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Well-said! Wouldn't you love to have half the money "they" spend on studies like this? Love your blog ... keep up the good work!


Oooh! You give good rant. And spot on. Laura over at Clawing Up From Under posted a study where they discovered that bullying makes overweight kids not want to participate in sports. The only thing that's shocking about either of these findings is that people actually put time and money into them. Perhaps the anecdotal evidence from overweight people doesn't count unless it's backed up by "real" data.


Ha ha you are hysterical! I love your writing. You are right on. Wish I could get a "skinny brain" transplant!

lme (little miss ess)

That Lean Plate Club is just so idiotic. The Washington Post of all places. Bleh.


Gravity makes stuff fall down? Woah, you're kidding me, right? :)


But it's true! I saw a study! ;)


omg loved this entry! It's so funny cause I'm researching for my paper about how negative group dicrimination effects individuals with that group... IE lazy, slobby, gross, dumb... right on the money Hun!

and ugh@ surprised, seriously some of the studies that come out oy vey.

LOL@ gravity makes stuff fall down.

You're brilliant I love your humour.


what's particularly infuriating, I think, is that the cultural standard of fat=bad, lazy, worthless, dumb, slow, etc., have been created pretty much solely by PEOPLE TRYING TO SELL US SHIT (i.e., diet products which are, indeed, shit).

this group thinking is almost totally advertising-driven. that, to me, is way beyond fucked up.

steven davies

You are absolutely right.Some people are too lazy to even think about starting home fitness programs.If they try their life will be changed forever.

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