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Feeling your pain, Nicole ... it's the most difficult decision a pet owner has to make. I hope each day finds you feeling more peaceful and less agonized.


ohh nicole.. i'm sorry :(

lme (little miss ess)

I'm so sorry about your kitty. I keep telling myself that mine is going to live forever. Yep. Forever.

I 100% understand what you wrote about using things to keep yourself detached from emotions. My ways of doing that have included using food, and alcohol, and shopping, and allowing myself to get completely stressed out to the point where I am just buzzing around manically.

That's a huge realization that you've made.


oh, sweetie, I am so sorry for you and your hub! I just adore, love love love, cannot get ENOUGH of my kitty, so I know what you mean about loving and needing him. the hard part of pet ownership is what you're facing right now. I feel for you so much. Wish I had the right words to say, but really, words won't make it better, will they? At least you have someone who loved your kitty with you, to help you through the grief. And really, in the end, aren't we so lucky to have had our wonderful pets, for whatever time period?

big hugs to you.


So sorry about kitty. You did the right thing, but I know it's awfully hard to do. Sending you hugs and warm wishes!


Oh, man. I am so sorry. But ditto everybody else: What's best for them is usually the most agonizing for us. You and the hub had the guts to give him what he needed and that means a lot.

You're going to grieve, plain and simple. (Fortunately,) this level of grief doesn't happen to us all that often so it's hard to say what to expect and how it's going to hit you. Wanting to find the "Off" switch is natural. Don't beat yourself up too much.


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