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Thanks! Every link helps - good job!


Good post, and I enjoyed finding it. You rock.


Thanks for posting about this! Scammers make me cranky! :p I've posted about this on my blog as well at http://www.lmashton.com/2006/05/455 Spread the word!

lme (little miss ess)

Hey, thanks for posting this. Wasn't even aware of the now defunct site, and I'll print that little list out and keep it on file. I'm not to the point where I've got anything to send out to an agent, but when I do, I'd like to avoid these folks.


Wow.... I just had to say something about the linked poetry. My eyes will never be clean again. _Although_ - with the first one, it helps to have "Master of Puppets" playing in your brain as you read it. Just switch the lyrics with the poem. It really does help!

Oh, and of course, awesome blog, and you rock. Just had to say.


Will these people never quit? (Well, no they won't until every writer comes to understand which way the money is meant to flow!) I was even more horrified by TNH's comment about how the POD writers who run the ISP that killed AW have already put up a competing site of their own... WTF?


Yep, they sure did. I don't know if this was just a case of spectacularly awful timing or if there was some deliberate malice, but either way they shouldn't have bothered. It hasn't been updated in more than a week and they've disabled forum access, probably to head off all the angry AWers who want to post "You suck."

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