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I get it, really. Because, yes, your behind is somewhat large, proportionally, we can't pretend that's not the case, and I completely understand it must have been a source of pain in the teenage years. Anything that is even slightly different from the average becomes a subject for teasing or outright ridicule, given how sensitive and empathetic adolescents are (not!)

I feel that way about various parts of my body too, and I even though I KNOW it's not an issue anymore, or it's less of an issue, I can't seem to erase the previous experience. I think I will ALWAYS be sensitive about this-or-that, at least until I'm 95 years old. I hope.


Hello, I'm a new reader and I just had to say that I relate to the love/hate relationship with juicy booty. I can hardly recall the last time I bought an actual dress, since my upper body is a smaller size than the junk in my trunk below. I've kind of given up and just stick to buying separates -skirts and tops. It's easier on me that way, and I find it also to be more flattering.

Indeed, this day too shall pass. You're an incredible inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing your journey.


Coming from someone with a pancake behind......ENJOY having something in your trunks!!


Lily T

Kids are cruel. And the fashion industry is trying to push the perfect body as the body of an adolescent boy.

I hope you get over your hump. I mean the PMSing that is...


It's funny, I've been meaning to write a post about this topic oddly enough.

When I was young I hated my booty. I grew up thinking it was a curse that I had such a large ass. It took me many years to realize that there are actually some men out there who would find my shape attractive. I was actually convinced that no one could actually think that it looked nice.
I have such a different opinion of my curves now that I'm older. I never thought that I would feel so differently about it but thank goodness I've gotten over that.
Ok, next week I'll have to make sure I sit down and jot down a post about this. You've inspired me!

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