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Bravo, you've come a long ways! I'm still too chicken to post my before picture. Actually I don't have many pictures to choose from, I hated having my picture taking because it was a reminder of how big I was (I've lost 60 lbs.).


Nicole thanks so much for sharing your journey with me. I have just finished your archives and I am truly inspired!

Girl you look awesome but even more so your attitude is awesome!!!!!


Woo Hoo!

This is the kind of inspriration we all need.


wow.... what a difference eh? and such a beautifully written post too, inspiring stuff :)

(where are you in the bottom picture? looks kinda wild west... intruiiiging! ;)


What a difference!

Those "how could I have let this happen" thoughts surface for me every time I post my then-and-now comparison photos. I was very close to my heaviest weight ever in January, when I got serious about getting back in shape. (I wouldn't let myself be photographed at my highest, which was about 15 years ago.)

You've come a long way, baby! May it always be so.


You look great! And don't knock back. I've discovered that some people love it. Like my boyfriend who tells me how hot I am even though I've gained weight since we started dating.


Oh my gosh, you look absolutely fabulous!

Way to go!!

I am going to go and get my b4 pics out tonite!



Thanks for the compliments, guys. :)

Dietgirl, I was in the Quaker Square hotel in Akron, Ohio. We were on a road trip to see Tom Waits. Very strange hotel, but the murals on the walls were cool.


This post was so inspiring! Your writing is always so insightful and spot on.
You really are doing such an awesome job and you look fantastic! And I love how in the after photo you look so angelic and contemplative. Very nice!


Wow. We are so alike in so many ways. Thank you for writing this, because everything you are writing about where you were (physical pain, grotesque photos, WLS research) is exactly where I am now. And it's good to see a reminder that I can get through this.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I am going through a hard time with my eating and your before and after has inspired me, You should be so proud of yourself. You are awesome!


Wow, that was such a perfect description of the denial! I felt exactly like that, I have more than one photo that should have inspired a change in my life but didn't. For me too they are more agonizing now. What was I thinking??? I too felt that losing weight would be so difficult and painful, so drastic, that I didn't even want to attempt it. Ultimately I have to admit that it is every bit as difficult as I was afraid it would be, but the good part is you don't have to do it all at once. You make small changes and then more and then more, and one day you realize you're a completely different person than you were at the beginning, that you have strengths and motivations and new goals that would never have been possible before.

p.s. Your progress is incredible. You are a goddess. And I dispute the "looking better coming than going" idea. A lot of people admire a little junk in the trunk!


What an amazing transformation. Count me among those who are fans of "junk in the trunk." I have neither junk in my trunk nor dumps like a truck, so please send some my way. ;)


You've done awesome. It takes a lot of work to get where you have.

lme (little miss ess)

Really such an incredible transformation, Nicole!

My get real photo was last February when our new sofas was delivered right after we'd moved into a new apartment. I hopped up (barely able to hop, I must admit, because my pants were so freakin' tight I could barely move) and pretended to be reading. The book in my hands was "The Fat Girl's Guide to Life."


Great transformation, and I too have gone throught this process of denial, acceptance, and then realizing that I don't HAVE to accept this.

I'm still looking for a "before" photo that I'm willing to put up. And like many, I'm chickening out, waiting until I have a "during" photo to post alongside of it, that clearly shows progress.

Oh, and your current photo looks great. I too disagree with the "better coming than going photo" -- that whole baby got back video celebrated the fact that a lot of people do like that look (except for those two tacky chicks in the begining that go "oh my god, will you look at her butt..." SEeriously, you look great and your progress is inspiring not because of the before and after photos, but because of your chronicling the way you GOT to after.

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