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I'm glad you got your swim in. More so it is wonderful that you got to do what you love so much this year by going to the pool. Cheers for you!


Nicole, Nicole, Nicole!
You've now invaded my evenings! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and had the crazy idea of reading all posts from the beginning. Of course not know you girl can write! So I've been spending my past 5 evenings reading up on your journey! And what a journey it is! WOW! Fantastic! You are a great inspiration to me. I started out in February weighing 278 lbs, and I am not about to exit the 230s. So almost 50 lbs lost. Ultimate goal is to reach 165 (I am 5'7), so right about where you are! I SO ENVY you! Lol. Keep up the great work, and keep the great posts coming, I will be reading them everyday.


I think we're going to need to see some photos of this anniversary dress.


Ah yes! What a liberating moment, to do the things you've always liked, to crash through whatever barriers (be they physical or mental) to do them. Its not just the swim (though I too love swimming). Its getting there. Its putting that suit on and jumping in. Brava!

I agree with Marla: we will need to see Anniversary Dress photography.


Wonderful! I love the freedom of the water too and used it as a motivation when I first started my plan. I would work out in the gym, followed by the treat of the late night pool at the club, usually empty. I'd dim the lights, float in the water and think of freedom. You're doing so well!!

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