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I visited your blog from Nicole's last week but only had the chance to take a good look around today. I am so impressed!

I need reminding that some people out there are succeeding in the battle of the bulge because I'm struggling at the moment. So thanks for being a beacon of hope...

Looking at your before and after pics made me realise that (a) we started our journeys at approximately the same time and (b) unless UK pounds and US pounds are different I was more than you when I started my weightloss journey and I still weigh more than that!

In all that time I've lost 10 pounds. It's better than putting on 10 pounds and I'm a lot healthier than I was and work out and so on. But, you've made me realise what I could have achieved had I focused the way you have. Sometimes it's easier to talk about how hard it is than just doing it. I am really going to try to take inspiration from your success - and I'll keep reading.


Great retake of the shopping tour. I love the part:

"I think my poor husband was baffled when he came home from work and I accosted him, waving the skirt like a flag and yipping "Look at the size! LOOK at the SIZE!"

I would have still been baffled and my wife would have gotten all upset because I still didn't notice that it was an "S" and the importance of that ;-)


Wow! Hooray for "S"!

p.s. I think a leopard print skirt with black lace SHOULD be a little tight around the hips...


onya nicole! :) that is definitely a choice souvenir! frame that tag!


Congrats! The "S" is definitely something to celebrate.


Heh, if I ever make it into a size small anything I think I definitley *will* frame the tag. Then I'll have to hang it in the back of my closet so no one thinks I'm psycho :)


It's awesome, isn't it?

I'm kind of confused now because my top half has shrunk to a 6-8, and my bottom to around a 12 - and I still have about 25 lbs to lose. A lot of stores don't carry smaller than a six, and the Smalls are getting loose around the waist. I'm so curvy that if things aren't fitted, I look very boxy.

I know, it's a luxury problem. But still.


I can totally identify with this too! I went shopping a few weeks ago to get some girly clothes. When I was fat, and even while losing... I wore t-shirts all the time. Nothing sleeveless or fitted. Everything was always L and XL. When I went shopping, I was so darn happy when I slid into a medium skirt and it was loose. I thought I would die and go to heaven. Shirts will always be a bigger size because I am naturally large chested... but I love love love not choosing XL's anymore! Way to go on your great shopping trip.


Hi! I had to laugh at your post about working out in jeans! It reminded me of the time my girlfriend had come home from the gym and was disgusted at some muscle-head who was working out in a ripped hulk shirt and faded, almost white, blue jeans! his name was Mark and she called him "Chafe-Mark" ever since! LOL!

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