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Funny you should mention this. I found the exact same thing: when my fat intake was too low, I felt bad and start craving things I hadn't craved in some time.

The important thing is to make sure that as you get higher fat levels in your diet, you still keep focused on getting unsaturated fat. You won't be the only person in Trader Joe's gleefully looking for things low in transfat and saturated fats!

I try to use peanuts and peanut butter to get good fats. An oz. of peanuts has 11g of unsaturated fats and only 2g of saturated fat.

I was just describing to someone today that it's really important to me that I never feel like I'm on a diet. Instead, I'm focused on getting good things and they just naturally crowd out bad things. Getting good fats certainly falls into that category.


I've identified two causes for eating-machine times: hormonal and not-enough-fat. I tend toward a very low-fat diet, not deliberately but just because lower fat is lower in calories. I can tell I'm overdoing it when I get an urge to eat a stick of butter. Seriously, I will have a really strong craving for it. I don't DO it, but that's when I know I need some olive oil or walnuts, or if it's combined with the hormonal cravings, grilled chicken wings and chocolate.

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