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Wow. It's just amazing the things we, and our parents, do in the name of weight loss. This sounds awful! I'm so glad you made it through. I was just talking to a friend about the one spoonful of ice cream a day diet. So sad. At least we've got it figured out now though!


This made me have a flashback to doing the Dolly Parton diet. A mimeographed page was stuck to our refrigerator for a couple of months when I was in junior high. Someone at my mom's job had given it to her.

I don't remember much about it except there were days when you'd only eat some weird cabbage soup. Another day it was only bananas.

Normally, we'd just skip breakfast and lunch, do Jane Fonda's Workout, and have a Lean Cuisine for dinner.

I remember being tired. Just exhausted.


Wow. This entry made me guffaw out loud in my quiet office.
It was a Homer Simpson "it's funny because it's true" moment.



Was his girlfriend on the diet? That might explain why she killed him.


Man that's awful. Just awful, and horribly depressing. I'm with PQ; I think we know why that chick shot him.


We can sure do some stupid things in the name of weight lost. I did a 600 cal diet for 4 months and dropped over 50 pounds. I finally stopped when I started to have light headed spells so bad. Of course back then I didn't know squat about nutrition or I wouldn't have been doing that.

Laura Bora from Bufadora

In the 80's, the big diet book in my house was Richard Simmons YOU CAN DO IT LIVE-IT, not a die-t, a LIVE IT because you were supposed to change your life forever.

He had pics of himself in a unitard making insane facial expressions while demonstrating toning exercises, including ones for the face and the double chin that I still secretly do while stuck in traffic.

The thing I remember from his book was to drink water with lemon in it to purify your body. I think I stuck to it for about a week.


oh geeze, this post reminded me of my own childhood experience of being on the Stillman Diet in the '60s.

No carbs. None. Plenty of fat and protein. Lots of water. First time I did it was in 2d grade, then again in 4th grade.

I also did Scarsdale, of course, and all of the rest. I think you are fortunate that this was your single foray into the arena of Famous Doctor Diets.

You are doing SO well!!! Good for you.


In the summer between 4th and 5th I went to 'diet school for kids' at the local hospital. It was once a week and they were going to get us thin for the school year. It was based on the diabetic food exchange system. In retrospect, it was relatively healthy, but mostly, it just taught me how to be on a diet. Most of my diets after that just involved eating as little as possible for as long as possible.

steven davies

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