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brilliant stuff, nicole! if so many of us weren't brought up thinking exercise = tourture and healthy food = misery i doubt there'd be as many weight problems. sigh... you did well not to punch that dad in the face, what a nasty piece of work!


See, if that was my kid, I would have been behind him helping to push him up that hill (assuming I could pull myself up, LOL). I think it's important for kids to learn that everyone needs help sometimes, and with teamwork, you can accomplish things that seem impossible. Shame on that man for not appreciating his child more than that :o(


You're so dead-on. I learned that exercise = torture and punishment, and I learned that sport is only for those who are good at it. I never felt I was entitled or allowed to find my own way. Now I have actually become of a bit of a jock, which has simply stunned me.

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