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no...i totally agree, the magazine regurgitates EVERYTHING!!!

i do like those 30 minutes shake up workouts they now include as well as the list of songs is neat!


At the gym I used to go to a woman routinely did the Stairmaster backward. In full make-up, stylish workout clothes and good gold jewelry. I don't remember ever seeing her sweat. But she was a teeny, tiny little thing, so it must have worked for her.

I can see myself leaving a huge hole in the wall, as well. And the wall is on the second level. At least if I broke a bone or two I'd have a good excuse for not using the treadmill!


Here's a treadmill workout for ya:


Good song too. :)

I enjoy your blog muchly. Thanks!


I've seen people gallop on those things sideways, too. And one time my trainer put mine at the highest incline and had me go sideways, but it was more of a sideways lunging thing.


Annika, that link is awesome!

Nicole, you should do your retro-walking while wearing a poodle skirt and cat-eye glasses. That would be retro-retro-walking.


Shape used to be a favorite -- back when it was about getting fit and healthy, as opposed to losing weight. They used cover models like Kathy Smith, rather than beanpoles with arms.

During my recovery from a severly broken leg, my physical therapist had me walking backward on a steep grade to work my interior quad, so there must be something to it working your muscles differently.


Annika, thanks for the video link -- that's hilarious. But HOW DID THEY DO ALL THAT WITHOUT LOOKING AT THEIR FEET!? Aaaah! Sometimes I think the whole world is more coordinated than I am.


My trainer had me doing the sideways running thing on the treadmill too! Egads, uncoordinated am I! I can just imagine the splat marks I would leave while trying to walk backwards.


I agree that Shape used to be good back in the day. Then it was bought out by, I think, the same company that puts out Glamour, and, yeah, straight downhill. When I first started working out again, I got a subscription to (Mind, Body, Spirit) FITNESS and that one is even worse than Shape in terms of regrinding that same articles and workouts, month after month.

I learned about the benefit of walking backwards when I was training for the 3-Day. I was surprised by how many different muscles that hit from walking forward.


This might be painfully ignorant, but wouldn't one turn around on the treadmill when walking backwards? :)

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