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gorgeous! both you and the frock! that's a real fab colour. and i like the hair too, you must have got a good resistance workout holding up 35 pins all night, hehe.


Wow. You look so elegant, Nicole.

Just ... wow.


Let me gush too: YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I'll bet a lot of heads turned, and it's not just because of the before/after thing. Love the 'do, it's very elegant but not stick-up-the-ass (now THAT is an elegant phrase, no?)

Do you have future plans for the dress? Because it's obviously a perfect color on you.


I like freaky Ally, too! But you look gorg'. How long did it take to wash all the hair gunk out of your hair? I had to shampoo about 3 times after I was a bridesmaid and I still felt like there was some glue in my hair.


I am so impressed. You are beautiful. You must be having so much fun! You are my inspiration!


Thanks, guys. :) I'm blushing all over again.

Marla, there's a possibility I could wear the dress to our company Christmas party; it's pretty fancy and some women really go all-out for this thing. It'll probably depend on what kind of mood I'm in that day, though.

PastaQueen, the hairdresser didn't goop me up all that much, thank goodness. She did use what seemed like an entire jumbo can of hairspray, though ... I'm guessing there's an extra-large spot in the ozone layer right over that particular salon.


Absolutely lovely. The color is just right for you.

I loved The Breakfast Club when I was in high school. As an adult, it pisses me off. "The answer to all of our differences... is to conform! Make the freak generically pretty! Make the nerd cool! Let's do drugs and we'll all get along better!" Greeaaaaat.

OTOH the soundtrack brings back memories.


Yeah, pre-makeover Ally rocks! Why did they have to eff it all up???


Wow! You look incredible, just really absolutely beautiful! And that color is really flattering on you.


Chiming in a little late here, but you look absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

(I also preferred the pre-makeover Ally.)


WOW! just beautiful Hun, simply amazing.

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