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yes! beautifully said, nicole :)


Right on.

I don't watch/own a tv so the activities of Ms Winfrey & Ms Alley don't mean much to me, but I do know that if I had a dollar for every snotty judgemental twit on the planet I could buy a powercage...

As for those who have the "Well, I'd never go out in a bathing suit in public, and nobody else with my body type should either" attitude.... as Golda Meir said, "Don't be so humble, you're not that great."


bravo! Totally agree with everything you've said there. Brilliant Post Hun.


I thought I'd made a comment applauding this post and everything you said in it, but apparently I forgot to hit the "post" button. Deerrrrrrrr. So I'll repeat myself:

This is absolutely brilliant, you've hit it spot on. Especially that last sentence, "I'm not gonna hide myself to make you feel better."

I've said it before and wil say it again:

If you don't like the way I look, don't look at me. If it bothers THAT much, then gouge your eyes out with a fork. But leave ME out of it, because I don't CARE what you think.

I'm not going to put myself in chadri to avoid the possibility of "offending" someone.

Ms. Dylan B.

Ha ha, I feel exactly the same way about Kirstie Alley-- you put my thoughts into words. I have to say, I feel the same about Marilu Henner-- only I knew a person who worked with her (for her) and so I knew she was that kind of "tell everything, know it all, never stop talking" person already. But I think these people are just lonely or something--they try to make you love them so they disclose all, henner apparently has a habit of always being right and sniffing people to see if they have eaten cheese. She isn't afraid to tell total strangers they "look like cheeseeaters--bloated and ...well... bad."

I never want to meet either one of these ladies.


Amen, sister!


It makes me deeply sad to see women tearing down other women for their LOOKS! I mean, how much do looks count in your feelings about the people you love? Not much, I'd guess.


Gah, Marilu Henner. She bugs me even more than Kirstie does. I'd heard about her being almost insufferably self-righteous and preachy about her diet (always a great way to win people over to your side). "You look like a cheese-eater" is kind of funny, though. "Thanks! Just had some cheddar."

LauraBora from Bufadora

I couldn't agree MORE!!

True story: my best friend and I went to St. Croix over Thanksgiving 4 years ago -- at the time she weighed about 150 and I weighed about 250. We stayed at one of those little resorts that had cottages and a semi-private beach -- only other hotel guests were allowed to use it.

I wore a black one piece bathing suit - a simple tank, no cutesy skirt to hide my chunky thighs, the fabric clung to my tummy, whatever. I wasn't trying to win a bathing-beauty contest, I just wanted something to cover my body while I swam that wouldn't give me a perma-wedgie or make me look like I was either a toddler or a senior, as many plus sized suits do.

My friend? She of a "normal" size (12)? She wore a full on sundress on the beach to COVER her body because people "with legs like mine have no business exposing them to the public."

I was scratching my head, since I was 100 pounds heavier than her. I said, "So should I be wearing a long dress too?" She tells me, "NO! You look CUTE! You're proportioned so your body isn't offensive, it's a normal body just bigger."

What the hell? She does not wear shorts or skirts or anything that doesn't come down to mid-calf. She has since lost 40 pounds, is a size 6 but STILL refuses to wear a bathing suit in public or anything that might expose her legs to the unwitting public.

I will never understand a self-loathing so deep that it would get in the way of doing NORMAL things, like wearing shorts in the heat and a bathing suit in the ocean.

As far as crazy Kirstie Alley -- whatever anyone wants to say about her body, I was just happy to see pictures of a normal woman her age with a normal body that wasn't Frankensteined into oblivion. I'm really sick of the whole plastic surgery/celebrity standards that are everywhere. It's nauseating. NOBODY LOOKS LIKE THAT IN NEW MILFORD CONNECTICUT. Nobody.


On another subject - I just noticed your Progress Photos page. Really amazing! You look SO BEAUTIFUL in that anniversary dress. You have the most gorgeous neck, and the dress really shows it off.

(that's not really a weird compliment; I have a neck about 1.5 inches long and it's not at all elegant. I am envious of yours.)


Chiming in late, but I just have to add my "Well said!" to the list.

Oh, and what Marla said... If people *are* looking at you at the pool/gym it's because you're so pretty!


Brilliant - and I so agree with Laurabora as well.
I've never stopped enjoying myself due to my weight. I was recently on holiday in Tunisia and wore a swimsuit everyday by the pool. At 270 pounds, I was not the largest woman there in any case. But so what if I was - why should I hide myself away in case someone else feels judgemental. That's their problem.
We fat girls (on the way to being ex-fat girls) will always have little insecurities but I always argue against mine. I know of people who won't wear short sleeves because their arms aren't toned. In summer, I just couldn't imagine covering up and sweltering just because my arms are bulky. So what - they look bulky in sleeves too. What difference does it really make?
The best thing we can do to help change our lives is love ourselves for who we are now, enjoy our lives and be positive. Self-loathing will never get the same results.


Your new picture in the upper right hand corner is gorgeous! You must be so proud of yourself!


I LOVE the new picture...you're looking incredible! I can't believe how far you've come. Kudos, you're a real inspiration!


Another DEE here...
Wow - just looked at your progress pics - AWESOME! I'm so proud of you!! You were beautiful before, but you're amazingly beautiful now!! Congratulations. You're inspiring!

And it always amazes me that if people see a large person eating something, they make fun of that person eating. But they also make fun of a large person EXERCISING!!! Large people can't win! Don't listen to people - most are nuts!! LOL

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