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As a male I have a slightly different perspective, however I can still relate to most of what you said. In particular it also irritates me that I can eat like I used to. I enjoy eating - no I love eating. But I also know this is exactly the problem and the reason that I had to lose almost 70 pounds and the reason I will probably be on a diet of sorts the rest of my life. I still wouldn't want to go back to the way my life was.


"Going in" - I love that! I used to hate it hate it hate it when they sat us at a booth. More than once I couldn't fit and had to ask for a table. How's that for humiliating?

Fitness is my absolute favorite part of losing weight. Sometimes I'll pick up 60 pounds of weights and think How ever did I manage to even walk when I weighed that much more?


Loved all of these.

I am totally with you on the 2nd dislike. I have rebellious days now, during the journey, where I blow it for a meal. And I'll admit that the main reason I wouldn't ever consider WLS is the fact I'd never be able to have a blow out ever again. That's terrible, isn't it? I love yummy food and I guess I just hope that one day I'll be able to get some balance with it while still enjoying my favourites now and again.

With regard to the 3rd dislike example, I probably would just have been really rude and said something like - I'm sorry but could you leave me alone? I just want to read the paper in peace.

But then I am usually quite direct with people...


ohh man, i agree with all these, especially the #2 dislike. i am with sandra for the reason why i could never do WLS :)

and well done for maintaining during a busy month! :)


So well said. I am at the point again where most booths work but some times there are still the super skinny seating places that I can't fit in, I will love it so much once none of those are a problem.

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