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I think that is a great plan! I just turned 38 myself (Nov. 25).
You are an inspiration!


ahemmmm mee meee meeeee

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday to Nicole, happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu!

Have a piece of birthday cake for me! :-)


Glad you have found a "path" - that wandering around feeling can be upsettling (I think so anyway) - having a plan is always a good idea - happy birthday.


sounds like a great idea to me :)

and all the best for a verrrrrrrry happy birthday on sunday!


You're so smart to make this a priority before you hit your 40s. Or, even worse, harder and more depressing, 50s. Applause, applause!

And have a happy birthday weekend.


Good luck with this. It is a very sensable goal. Thanks for mentioning the pedometer, that reminds me that I really need to start wearing mine all the time again.


Happy Birthday! That seems like a totally doable goal. Watch out 130's.


Wow! 135 sounds so tiny! Although, technically, my "ideal" weight is between 108 and 118, which I find laughable beyond belief (but notice the nice 8s).

Happy birthday and good luck on the new goal!


btw nicole, i hope this doesn't sound rude but i was totally stunned when you said you were turning 38, i thought you were about 28-29ish...



I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday.

Good plan!

I'm doing sparkpeople too and I like it. I've had a bad patch but starting over (mentally) today. I've made a great start to the day and feel so good about it. You'll feel that way too now you've made the commitment.


hi, i found your blog from another one and just wanted to say hello...i always enjoy meeting new people, going thru the same struggles w/weightloss as me... AND we have the same taste in dresses - i saw that in the catalog a few weeks back and said, "IF i had a party to go too, that's what i would wear"... you looked stunning... :o)


Happy Birthday Nicole. Go for it.

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