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I've tried doing that once. It sucked. I never did it again for fear of looking like an idiot in front of people again, LOL


For some reason my arms just shake violently when I'm on that machine. I fell like my shoulders are going to pop out of my skin and I'm going to fall through a trap door.

Of course, if I dropped a few pounds, maybe that would help. Note to self, lose 5 and try it again.


There are obviously hidden wires holding her up! Good on you for trying it out.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Our daughter was due on the 10th, but was born on the 16th. Congrats on your new weight plan - you can (and WILL) do it! I do WI at TOM, because I know that I can keep the bloat minimal if I really work at it. All the best!

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