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Lesse, a few more occasions to wear it. How about:

1. Dropping off library books
2. Your next doctor's appointment
3. Picking up a loaf of bread

You get the idea ...

You are, as always, stunning!


It's a beautiful dress, and you look absolutely gorgeous in it!


sweet lordy, nicole! you are a foxy woman. and i only just today poked through your photo album and saw all the pics added in october. it's incredible. and i love the one of you with the leather jacket and sunglasses on, you look so classy and mysterious :) and your husband has great hair!

(and three cheers to finding the perfec outfit for a work xmas party! work xmas party shopping has been worse for me than finding my stinking dress ever was :)


You do look great and a size 12 no less!!!!!


I! Love! That! Dress! You were perfectly right to buy it. And now I'm off to see if there are any Coldwater Creeks in my 'hood.


you look amazing chica!


You look great! And the dress isn't half bad either :)

Coldwater Creek's normally not my style, but I've had luck there before now and then when I've needed a dress for something.


You look so beautiful! I love a red dress!


Yes! Tis the season for new clothes that fit great in a size you didn't know you could do! And money spent on a great dress you feel good in is ALWAYS money WELL spent!

You pull off a red dress very well.

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