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I'm so happy for you that you have no extra ears growing anywhere :o)

Keep up the good work, you're doing great!


I remembered reading a recipe on another blog that reminded me of your pudding post - here is the link - you might enjoy trying her recipe variation:



It's all about doing what works for you Nicole, and about moderation. Sounds to me like you're a damn smart woman and doing what needs to be done in baby steps...the right way. Onward and downward! :)


I lurve the fat-free, sugar-free chocolate Jell-O. My problem was that I started slopping whipped cream on top of it, which doubles or triples the calories. Especially since one dallop eventually became two dallops which eventually became three. I've decided to put a moratoriam on buying whipped cream. My favorite variation is to add 1/4 tsp of mint extract to it. Mint chocolate pudding, yum.


I have the Chocolate Fudge pudding once in a while - it really is useful for getting over a sweets craving. I've also done pretty well with decaffeinated flavored coffees or sugar-free cocoa. Yeah, it's not ideal, but sometimes you have to do the next best thing.


My husband taught me a very decadent way to eat it that sneaks in a little extra protein as well.
Instead of using water, mix it with a 12 oz can of fat free evaporated milk and a 1/4 c of cold water.
For sugared version (I'm unable to eat artifical sweetners) a half cup serving of the chocolate pudding gives you 175 calories. I'm betting the sugar-free is a boatload less calories, but still just as decadent. And boy is it decadent, even more luscious than when made with just the plain water, I leterally cannot eat more than half a cup of it.
Scooping it up with quartered strawberries? Divine!


I really have this debate with myself a lot. I think if I were a lady of leisure and had unlimited time and resources, I would grow, harvest, and prepare all of my own food from scratch. However, on a day like today, I was lucky to find Baked Lays chips in the vending machine between clients. I didn't have time to pack a lunch or snacks as I prefer. I sucked down bottles of water laced with Crystal Lite "on the go" packets. I might as well have poured test tubes full of chemicals down my throat for what I ate today, but it enabled me to keep my job and stay within my eating plan, statistically. Hard questions, man. Hard.

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