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Oh he's so sweet! He looks so relaxed and calm there (I'm sure that's very deceptive...).


aww swooooon! gorgeous wee kitty :)


oh, he is the cutest thing ever... i have to be careful when going into those pet stores because i find myself staring thru the glass, teary-eyed, wishing i could adopt every single one of them... glad you're giving him a good home... :o)


He does look like a sweetie. Oz was always my favorite male character on BTVS so that's an awesome name. Back when I was volunteering in the cat adoption room at the shelter, people would ask what the best toy was for a kitten. Our answer was always "another kitten." We weren't kidding!


I can see why your husband couldn't refuse. Oz is an bsolutely gorgeous fella!


Congrats on the new kitty (and pink Kitty ball!) I WISH my husband would come home with a new pet, would make us about 1/9 ;)


What a sweet kitty! I am such a cat lover, I don't dare go into pet stores. He is a lucky kitty. I am sure you all will be very happy.


That cat is so adorable! I'm a huge cat lover and have two myself - Jackson is a grey and white big fat plush love cat, and Alice is a black and white petite girl who always wants attention. But I always had orange cats growing up and so I melt at the sight of them. He's got such a sweet face, too.
Good for you for getting a rescue cat!


You ROCK! This is my first time visiting your page - and I just checked out all your progress photos! I've been dieting for 11 months now and have lost 60 pounds... so you are quite inspirational! *Thumbs UP!*

Cara Fletcher

It was very hard for me to get another cat after my last one that was diabetic died a year ago.I was scared that the same would happen with my next kitty.But after a month hesitation I decided I would buy a cat.

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