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Judi Finneran

You weat that T-Shirt, Baby, like the crowning achievement it is. Loved the story.




I just read on another blog that EVERY time we try on clothes - we should take the size that we THINK we are and the next size down BOTH into the dressing room to try - because we have to try on and see - this is so true!! I am glad that the shirt fit - and I personally think that it probably IS A SMALL - just a different cut - but a small - because sometimes I have to go UP a size at Target to accomodate shoulders and bre@sts.

Salma Gundi

I love that you framed the size small tag :D
I've had good luck with cheap workout clothes in both the Marshall's clearance racks and the clearance section of Sports Authority. I love a good $5 workout shirt, too.


I think it's sooo cool that you framed the size small tag. Even cooler is that you're still wearing that skirt! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.


Woohoo! Congrats on your second small. I think that you framed that S is just the neatest thing.


For cheap workout t-shirts, I buy boys XL or men's S plain gray or black t-shirts. The boys XL at KMart are 4 for $6.99 or thereabouts and the men's aren't much more. They wash well, too.

But they have no tags to frame... :-)


Congratulations on your tiny Ess, girlie! Good for you. Don't sell yourself short about the vanity sizing - my experience is that Target sizes are very small, not large. I wear at least two sizes bigger in Target than any other cheapo store.


You go girl! I'm very, very proud of you! D


i can't remember the last time i bought something regular-priced at target, i only buy stuff that's on sale OR marked down... another place you can try is ross, marshalls, or tjmaxx - they have great workout stuff... congrats on the size small as well... :o)


Whoo-hoo! I think having that small tag in a frame too can only be a helpful reminder. Rock it!

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