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You're right. I thought I had the whole
weight loss thing figured out--I thought i was comfortably at a certain weight, and I could eat what I wanted within reason as long as I worked out. Well, 12 lbs later, here I am, facing too tight pants and wondering why I did this to myself. Hopefully, 2007 will be the year where I treat myself with more respect.


I'm so struck by that 2004 photo in the cemetery. Kind of ominous, and I haven't read what, if any, thoughts you had of yourself when you saw it. That red-dress photo, though? Man, you look hot! In the best possible way. Onward and downward!


I feel like it is a tightrope of sorts - the balancing act of staying ON the line - someone said to me the other day - "it IS SIMPLE (calories in - calories out) - but simple doesn't mean it's not HARD."

Happy New Year - I enjoy your posts so much.


You've done awesome. You have learned a lot and you are going into 2007 smarter and leaner. I would call it success. And you will so rock the "In the Thirties by 39".


Looking good Nicole. Love the dress. Very festive.


Your progress is just incredible, Nicole. Really. Just look atcha! I have no doubts that you will get to your goal.


I think you're doing well. We all have reversals, and, er, "lessons learned." The whole secret is figuring out what's going wrong, and correcting it, and moving forward. It took me 2.5 years to get to my goal. Healthy habits, as you are learning, are the real prize!


I was truly inspired by your site and what you say is so true. I have fallen completely off the wagon by simply going from the occasional indulgence to completely over indulging. I have been fighting the battle of the bulge all my life and have only come close to victory once! I have a 10 month old son and am working on getting rid of my post-partum girth so that I can begin working on my "married 3 years happily and over content" girth. I have gained 30 pounds in the past 5 years which seems incredible to me. I don't want it to take 5 years to get it off. I will continue to check out your site so that I can be reminded of what truly is possible. You rock!

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