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Hey Nicole:

That theme you're talking about sounds like all the dumb Dr. Laura Schlessinger books (or whatever her name is). No offense to people who like her, but she annoys the hell out of me.



Yeow! Did someone put something in your coffee? (Just kidding.) I don't like people who tell me what to do, either. Or tell me how stupid I am for doing it.

Keep the coffee.


I'm with you on the coffee ... love, love, love my coffee. The YOU: On a Diet doctors give coffee a thumbs-up – full of antioxidants.

Drink up!


You crack me up. Snark is cool.


I would totally buy "All Women Everywhere Get Old And Die -- Shut Up, Already."


I too picked up that very book not that long ago at the bookstore and flipped through it, made a stinky poo poo face and put it back on the table. Bleah.

If there is a life without coffee, what fun is this life, I ask? I mean, I once knew someone who drank two entire pots of coffee a day, which is a bit extreme. But a couple of cups a day? Get outta heyah.

I too would totally buy "All Women Everywhere Get Old and Die--Shut UP, Already."


For some reason I can't seem to get a post to even try and go through. I was going to tell you I agree about the coffee. Though I do want to cut back on it due to needing to get better sleep, I do find it helpful to drink some and curb my appetite with it.


Wow. I like my coffee too, but I hope your days get better.


I actually bought the Skinny Bitch book, then promptly sold it on ebay two days later. When I got to the part about diet coke and coffee, I said, "See ya girls!"

Plus, I'm so not cut out for a life free of all things animal!


If you write that book, I will totally buy it!

They should just be happy that there's no longer a cigarette in the hand that's not holding the coffee mug, because I would burn anyone who came to take my coffee. Then we'll see who's the pussy.


This is my first time on your blog. Hilarious!! That's exactly what I need- a voice like yours that can stand up to the cruel voice in my own head.


No coffee?! Please! If coffee were what made people fat, well, let's just the over 100 set in my family wouldn't need Ensure.

Wonderful review btw. I like snark too, but that isn't snark. It's just someone writing in red on their walls.

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