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i will have to check that book out (mindless eating) since i never thought i did that sort of thing but am finding that i am... just because i made a frozen pizza doesn't mean i have to eat the whole thing but its hard to stop... finding out WHY that is, would be helpful (and i've never been a binge-eater)... thanks for the tip! :-)


I read this when it first came out, and I'm thinking I want to read it again, now. It sunk in the first time, but oh, how quickly I forget.


Hi Nicole - this sounds like somethign right up my alley. I just wrote in my blog about the superbowl sunday I had and how I need to read this book!

I'm just a beginner but I know what you mean about needing to keep reading interesting things about fitness and weightloss.

Lori W.

It was one of my favorite books that I read in 2006. It's exactly like you said, we all KNOW this but it's the way he points this out over and over that's fascinating.

BTW, I'm trying to get my friend to go bowling with me -- I'm telling her that it's an opportunity for her to buy more accessories. Esp. a Hello Kitty bowling ball...or in her case, a Cow/Holstein bowling ball.


I think your remark about your husband is dead on - I don't know how people manage when their household isn't on board with them!


Great book, but I don't think anyone needed to research this stuff. I kinda like you, most of it is a no brainer.


The experiments in the book sound pretty entertaining. Thanks for the recommendation.


You've reminded me that I need to get my "beginner's mind" back. We think we've been pros at this whole "being mindful of our weight loss efforts" thing, and really, we're not. Just grabbing and reading good reading is a great step. Duh!


Hi Nicole:

Just wanted to drop by and say I really enjoy your blog.

I've been lurking for awhile on different blogs but have finally started one of my own.

Your before/after pics are very inspiring.



I saw (or maybe heard) him being interviewed on something (it was a while ago) and his study sounded really interesting. It was great to hear an actual behavioral scientist, not just someone hawking a diet book, talking about the whys and hows of what people eat. I recall in the interview that he was funny, a bit snarky, and yet his science seemed pretty clean. Thanks for the reminder about the book. I will pick it up.

steven davies

I've read some of your posts and I like them very much.Mindless eating is the main reason people get fat.If we make our own home fitness programs and combine it with good food the results won't be late.

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