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You rock :) I am in complete awe of all the pounds you have lost and how you continue to make fitness and eating well a priority. I wish I had half your power!


I know for sure that the long haul would have been over for me months ago were it not for people like you, who have been consistently chiseling away at it and hanging in there. Thank you so much for continuing to share your ups and downs, successes and setbacks.


since i'm a newbie to this blog, i enjoyed reading both posts and appreciate your honest answers... its easy to coast along, not really being accountable to anyone or anything but by doing this, you put it out there for all to see... we really need to keep this list handy with us, at all times, so when faced w/temptation (or lack of motivation) we can keep going... thanks! :o)


That's funny that planning ahead doesn't make a big difference to you because it makes or breaks me. I hate travelling and eating out with friends because my eating habits get all screwed up and I eat more than I intend to or eat bad stuff. Then I start obsessing about it. It's much better when I'm planning all my meals and choosing the time I eat.


Hey - I remember that one! Does that mean I've been with you since 2005... Man.


Hey, wow, congrats are staying in it for the long haul -- thats inspirational. I read this site called fitsugar that i love, you should check it out, FitSugar.com.

Thanks for the posts, I really enjoy them.

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