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I keep telling myself that in just a few short months I will be whining that it's too hot and humid to be out walking the dog. Somehow I can't quite convince myself of that when I'm out at 5am -- in the dark -- and it's 2 degrees -- and snowing....


Well, it's not snowing here, but it's still unconfortable to ride my bike also. I did try Sat. morning, but the wind was too cold, so i turned around after about 4 miles. You're doing great though. Just don't lose motivation. Keep it up.


I swear right with you to not say anything else the rest of the winter that it is warmer than it should be (wanting that 50 degree weather back to stay till spring). I am longing for spring soooo bad...I am going stir crazy.


I can't WAIT until I can ride my bike again. It was almost warm enough today here, but with snow forcast, I didn't want to chance it. It's so much fun, it doesn't feel like exercise. For me, the saving grace has been exercise videos and exerciseTV on demand. We have TimeWarner cable, and it means I can change up my exercise routine all the time without shelling out more money. Plus I can pause and rewind when a step was particularly complicated or confusing.

It sounds like you're focusing on the big picture, which is awesome. Sometimes it can be easy to lose weight and harder to learn new habits. You know this, I'm sure, which is why you can be so much more proud that you've gotten yourself out of the holiday eating funk. Keep being motivated - you're doing so well and your process has been awesome for me to read.


I know the feeling and so want to buy a treadmill or exercise bike because of the weather. Mind you, and the reason I haven't indulged, the weather has been decent this past week and long walks with the dogs not out of the question. Just being lazy :(

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