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Hi Nicole:

Yes, I think obsessive compulsiveness in other areas of our lives is very common with overweight people. In fact, I think I suffer from mild ADD - I really do!



I definitely have this problem too - for some reason I always think buying things will make me happy. But then I realize I just spent money I shouldn't have and the instant gratification goes away. Sounds eerily similar to a binge moment doesn't it?


Since I stopped smoking I have no guilt in buying a soft cover a few times a week. Here in BC Canada SO much cheaper than a pack a day habit :)

Have you considered ebaying them? At least the most interesting ones?


You're not alone on this one. I finally had to tell myself no more buying books till I at least get caught up some what with the pile waiting for me to read it.


I know ppl like this both fat and thin. It gets to a stage when you go past buying books to buying bookcases when you realise it is too much. We buy second hand books which are really so cheap its more expensive to pay the library fines from borrowing!


Two suggestions from a fellow compulsive book buyer:

1. See if you can sell some on amazon. I have sold many this way, and if they are in good condition, and you price 'em to move, you can sell them.

2. There is a site called Bookmooch, www.bookmooch.com. You list things you have that you want to get rid of and other people list things they want to get rid of. People will ask for things from your list. You send them along for free (sending media rate costs $1.59, usually). If there's something you want, check bookmooch for it before buying it. I've mooched some good classics that way, including an awesome hardcover with engravings of War and Peace.


I do the same thing with books. But someone in my family usually sells them behind my back when my bookcases get too full.


I work at a university, so whenever I get a little stack of books I know I won't read again or will never read, I take them to a table in the student lounge with a sign saying "Free to a Good Home." They're usually all gone by the next day.


I'm the same but my response has been to sell the books I have read and probably won't read again. All the unread ones are staying on the shelves because I will read them one day. In the meantime I am trying to avoid bookstores but I flew back to London from New York on Sunday with 4 new books I really didn't need...


Oh boy can I relate to this. I have THOUSANDS of books in my house, literally. I started weeding them out about a year ago, and it was like giving up my children. Howevah, I cleared up a lot of shelf space by getting rid of those books that I can find online at Project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/). I don't like reading on the computer, but there's a practical limit to how many books I can keep in my house.

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