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That's so exciting! I love finding new sizes, even if we all know how crazy messed up they all are. DC looks so much fun. I went to grad school there and loved cherry blossom season. So pretty!

Amy Vallery

Congrats on the size 6, even if it isn't typical! Just don't get sucked into buying things because of the size instead of the fit (like I always do), it's about how good you look, not the number. That feeling of getting smaller is so awesome, I miss it!


HELL YEAH! I would have bought it even if it was lime green made out of string with that label :)

and i like that pic, you look gooood! see, even the building in the background looks happy to see you! hehe


i work in DC and am a few blocks from the cherry blossoms - haven't been yet this year and like you said, its too damn cold... its not like they don't bloom every year so perhaps next year...

i also love the outlets at leesburg and what a joy to find something in old navy - half the time i think their clothes are made for girls that aren't developed (meaning, no hips or thighs)... their tank tops are great for workouts though... :o)

have a great weekend...


I think the best time to go to the zoo is when it's slightly drizzling. The rain scares people away, but if it's just a drizzle it's not a big deal if you have an umbrella. I kind of like going to places when they're deserted.

And woo-hoo on the 6! If I fit into a size 6 I'd have to wonder if they sewed the label in upside down :)


Congrats on the size 6. I look at that picture and wonder why are you still trying to lose weight? You look like you're there already.


The other day the love of my life made this comment: "Hey, your butt is a lot less fat!" Of course he meant it as a compliment, and I took it as such, but there was still that nanosecond of "Heeeeeyyyyyy . . . are you seriously telling me that my BUTT is FAT??!!" :)

Congrats on the size 6! You rock, girl!

Judi Finneran

Way to go on the size 6 dress. I would have purchased it also. In fact, I have done that in the past and I can't wait to get back into those smaller sizes.



Lynda K.

wow! I am SO glad you submitted your wonderful blog to Delightfulblogs. It's inspiring, fun to read and I love all the comments. I can't wait to spend more time digging around.

All the best,
Lynda Keeler


Mmmmm, size 6. Wallow in it, baby, you've earned it!

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