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In January I was at the gym swimming laps and happened to catch a glimpse of my backside - completely see through. I continued to wear it for at least three weeks until I finally gave up on it. Now I'm just wearing a cheesey one piece that isn't suitable for swimming laps, but it's the best I can do for now. :)


Heh. There was an episode of Friends where Monica is inexplicably popular doing karaoke at a bar - until she realizes it's because her top is see-through in the stage lighting.

(I have to admit to extreme cattiness at this episode: "Boobs? What boobs? The woman weighs 90 pounds and looks like a popsicle stick.")

I'm sure that guy was hitting on you because you're a hottie, not because he thought you were... er... EASY.


I too was a victim of a transparent swimsuit butt. I don't know how long it was like that before I discovered it.


I used to be a distance swimmer. Finding a suit that holds up to lap swimming (not to mention, diving) is next to impossible. I never had one go transparent, though. That had to be a fun discovery.


We used to have our own pool in our backyard and we often (very often) had people come over who had transparent butt suits -- EEK! Then it became 'do we tell them or not?' I told the ones that I thought would take it well -- some get so embarrassed they'd rather not know I guess! :)

BTW, I'm missing your posts -- I hope that you're not slacking off of the 'journey' (sorry, I have to nag - you've come such a long way and I don't want you to become a weight-gain statistic!) ((( hugs ))) KEEP ON KEEPING ON!! You're a huge inspiration. D

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