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i haven't shopped at urban outfitters since college, i used to love their quirky stuff - maybe its worth checking out again... :o)

and you're not a quitter - i always had 145 as my goal weight and after trying to lose for so long and learning what my body wants, i just don't see that as being realistic... heck, i've been in the 160s for so long, perhaps THAT should be my goal weight instead... i want to be happy AND healthy and constantly worrying about what i'm eating isn't going to get me there... you have a great attitude, thank you for sharing! :o)


I don't think you're a quitter either. I read a quote recently, "There is no failure, only feedback." I think you're just listening to the feedback your body is giving you and reacting sensibly.

Salma Gundi

You are absolutely not a quitter. You are just putting your process and current goal back into alignment. That's good sense, not quitting.

The small thing still hasn't gotten old for me. Maybe that makes me shallow ... but I'm ok with that. It's like being asked to dance by a stranger at a ball when a small ends up being my size - I'm always a little shocked, and more than a little flattered by it. I'm getting better at recognizing that my dance card might be full, though :)

letting go of holding yourself to pushing to 130 is going to be a huge relief. I am so happy for you!


You a quitter? No way. I think the thing is figuring out what is a healthy goal for you and doing what fits you right and it sounds like you are doing just that. Great job!!


You're NOT a quitter - you're just being wise, knowing your own body versus what some chart says your scale should say! So pat yourself on the back and enjoy where you are!! I went through this before, and, because I wasn't that chart number, I got very, very discouraged and the weight began to creep up. Dumb, dumb. Here I am working on it -- still. Good for you! D


I really enjoy this blog - and this entry was so inspirational. I kind of did the same thing - I decided just to try to find an eating/exercise plan I could stick to for the rest of my earthly days, and see where my weight settled, and make that my five pound goal range. So far, so good - and very relaxing.
Good luck!


I think you are wise. My goal was always 130 and when I got down to 134 (where I stayed for about one day) I was always starving, constantly thought about food, freaked out when going to eat if I couldn't control what was going to be served, exercised two hours a day, and was always freezing. Living that way just isn't realistic.

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