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So good to hear from you again. My tiny Kroger carries sugar-free pudding in vanilla, banana and chocolate. And maybe chocolate fudge. I'm ready to take a road trip just to buy pudding!

Lady Rose

I have a ton of information and pictures up from the HUGE Harry Potter party we had two weeks ago for my daughter's 11th birthday - it was a year in the planning, we rented a hall and it was totally awesome. (Pages on the left column of blog for everything) Just thought you might like seeing the pictures since you a Harry Potter fan too. I am excited about the last book - sad in a way too - cause it's ending. But at least the movies will come out next. :) Lady Rose


Hi. I just found your blog a few weeks ago. Your story/journey is seriously inspirational! Thanks!


Well, I just started reading you a month ago, so feel free to recycle old ideas and write about the been there/done that if you feel so moved. It will be new to me and looks like a few others too. Enjoy your summer-- I am right there with you on Harry Potter. Cannot wait to read it.


Hi Nicole -

I hear you about the whole been there/done that aspect of blogging. It helps to know you're struggling as well - perhaps we'll get out of this mini-rut together.

I can't wait for Harry Potter either! Although it's so sad that it's the last one...We'll have to take extra long to read it, just to make sure it lasts.

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