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oh that last line is so true. an annoying pain in the arse, but so true. glad you found your mojo and that workout log sounds fab! sometimes only ol fashioned pen and paper will do :)

Salma Gundi

Your Monday was my yesterday. I'm going to hope that by the time a week passes, I will have recovered and have made the same gains you have.


Back to basics, back to the first things we learned... I keep having to do that over and over again!


No idea why we lose our oomph so fast but I'm glad to hear you're back!! :) Good for you!!! You're inspiring me yet again. D


Hi I recently started reading your blog and am drawing much motivation by what you have accomplished. I lost 60 pounds in the past and eventually gained it all back. I am in my "second time around" phase and have lost 23 pounds so far. I know exactly where you are coming from because losing the weight to me was not as hard as maintaining it was. I am considering getting the book by Stacey Halprin (she was on Oprah a few times and lost hundreds of pounds)called Winning after Losing. She says it talks all about how to keep the weight off after all the effort of losing it. I frequently check amazon.com but haven't seen any reviews on it yet.

Thanks for documenting your story.

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