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Hee! We make jokes all the time about the squirrels: you're right, they sound like a bear crashing through the woods! And two of them wrestling sound like a whole troop of Big Foots.

F*** the scale!


You're lucky the deer run away where you are. In my city, they're attacking people (not all of them, but enough that the animal control people tell you to get out of their way).

Sorry to hear about your weight problems. I don't know how much you've cut back your eating, but maybe you're not eating enough??

Could be starvation mode or maybe just some temporary water weight.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised with a larger than normal weight loss next week.


I bet you anything the gain is a temporary blip on the radar screen of back-to-great-habits. I wish you lots of patience to ride it out while things settle themselves. (-:


Love your blog. Love the photo of you on your photo intro page where you are walking in the cemetary. You have definately walked away from an early death!!! Way to go on your loss! Again, just happened upon your blog and it's great!


My guess would be that you're gaining muscle. Muscle weights more than fat (and it looks better). Fair trade-off, I'd say! ;)

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