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Congratulations! You are such an inspiration to me! And whoot for the size 6! (But damn, girl, if you're wearing a size 6 at your current weight, what size are you going to be at when you reach goal? 00? :D)


Congratulations on your 200th post and second year of blogging. It obviously has been a good thing for you, and you are a good thing for those of us who read!

Size 6 ... I'm in awe.


i think half the clothes in my closet are black and that goes for both summer and winter - strange... i'm sure your husband just didn't know what else to say - they are sort of clueless when it comes to clothing... ;o)


Congrats! I bet you looked wonderful in the dress. It's really nice to have something cool and comfortable to wear on those kind of days.

Lady Rose

no picture? :) dress sounds lovely

I collect books I own way too many, but most times I find something useful or inspiring in them so I agree - what every helps. Sometimes it just takes seeing something said in a certain way for an aha! moment of clarity and to get you motivated again to keep going.

Health and Happiness Lady Rose

burn the fat feed the muscle

Congrats on the 2nd anniversary of your blog. Definitely, this blog serves as a great resource for people looking to become healthy!

Coleen Mills

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