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I am presently raising two skinny teenage twins who are obsessed about weight, in particular the extra weight that their step-mom carries (and carries well).

If you have any ideas about what to say to kids who butt in about other people's weight, I would love to hear them.


I had a friend in high school who was really obsessed with weight too. She never wrote anything like that in my yearbook, but if she had I'm sure it would have been more about her own issues than mine. I feel the same way whenever someone leaves a rude comment on my blog. It's not about me, it's about them.


Sigh. I remember very vividly a day in 11th grade when I was followed down the street by two girls talking in very loud voices about Weight Watchers having a special that week. I was a size 12 -- actually these days probably a size 10. I was so ashamed -- deeply ashamed. Now I feel so angry on behalf of my 16-year-old self. I wish I could go back and tell those girls where to go.


Beeyatch! The yearbook comment that used to piss me off the most was "I don't know you very well, but have a nice summer." Seriously, I must have had six or seven of those each year in middle school. Uh, don't know me very well? You sat next to me for 9 months, you could at least pretend to write something POLITE if not friendly.

Oh those ancient scars...

I think a LOT of us have written something about being normal-weight when young, but being TOLD we were fat. There seems to be a very definite connection.


I came across your blog today and can't even begin to tell you how I can relate. I was a gymnast in high school....but an overweight one at that...however, I wasn't bad! My senior year I won the conference title for the beam. A reporter came to do an article on me. It was a great interview until the last question...how does it feel to be so much bigger than all the other gymnasts? I answered the question without making myself feel worse and then when the article ran, it was an entire page about me and my entire gymnastics career...no comment about the weight, but the picture that ran with it was of one of my teammates. Wow.

Man...I'll never forget that moment...I've even thought about writing the reporter as I know he still writes for that paper....and it was just one of many comments made to me over the years....but I guess we just have to do everything we can to move on and hope that people will just respect us for who we are...and hope we are losing weight for all the right reasons! Cheers to you and your progress!

Lady Rose

That was definitely a surprise twist with Harry. My favorite part was when Umbridge gave birth to twin centaurs! That had to hurt. And finding out that Snape was Dumbledore's half brother - wow, a real shocker. :)

It is amazing me to me sometimes what people say to one another (and writing in a year book - geeez *rolls eyes*). All through my teens I was trying to losing 10 pounds but I wasn't fat - I thought I was though. My own grandmother used to tell I looked fat. Eventually I ended up being over 150 lbs overweight from decades of dieting. At least now finally at over 50 I can put all that behind me and eat healthy (lost so far over 80 lbs) and only 60ish to go).

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